Thursday, January 11, 2007

In the Cut

“In the Cut” was a great film. The movie was so intense that it kept you intrigued for the whole two hours. Besides having an extremely riveting plot, Campion did a great job with the filming. One thing I particularly noticed about the film was how the camera was used. The camera shots were often taken from a distance. It was as if you were following Meg Ryan. I also noticed that there were very few clear shots. Many of the times there were things in front of the camera or blurry shots. I think this fit perfectly with the blurry plot that was taking place. I also noticed the use of color. Red was a prominent color in the film that often signified something important or meant to stand out. I also noticed that there was a continuous theme/showing of the red white and blue theme. There were many patriotic color schemes. The lighting also helped do this. The lighting was often above Meg Ryan to illuminate her and usually a dim yellow. This made the scenes feel eerie and mysterious. One thing that I was surprised from since the movie was directed by a woman, was how women were made into such sex symbols. Throughout the entire film, there were naked women, hookers, and women having their lives run by men. I thought that the female sex was degraded significantly. I thought Campion did a great job of continuously throwing off the viewer about who the killer was. At first I was almost positive it was the detective, than I thought that it was that crazy stalker, and than the student. Not until the end did I realize that it was his partner. Overall, I really enjoyed watching this film. Although it was really vulgar, I found it to be really exciting and suspenseful.



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