Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lost in Translation, Found in Tokyo

Lost In Translation

This movie is about Charlotte’s search for meaning in a world that isn’t her own. Because of her boredom of being in an unfamiliar place with no familiar places, she seeks out Bob’s company, probably since she senses the same feeling of being lost in him. I feel that this relationship, in contrast to those in the last two movies, is more based on companionship than sexual attraction. They both are in a place mentally where they have nothing but their problems and depressions to focus on. They use their first night out as both an ice breaker and a way to forget about their problems for a night. You can tell how much of a comfort their company is to each other in the simple fact that after their night out they are able to sleep for the first time since being in Tokyo. I don’t think that Charlotte is at all attracted to the fact that Bob is a famous movie star, as everyone else is, and that is what makes him interested in her. She just sees him as someone relatable, and from he same culture, who is willing to spend time with her. Bob definitely becomes a mentor, almost parental figure, to Charlotte, which strengthens their relationship even more. As apparent as it is that they will get involved with each other because of the pain they are both feeling from their spouses’ lack of intimacy with them, I was relieved to see them not become involved with each other sexually. I think that added a level of purity and contentment to the relationship, rather than going for the more raw, popularly satiating sex scenes. I feel that if they had been more intimate, there would have been a dramatic heartbreak, but the way it was concluded made me feel more content.



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