Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lost in Translation

Although I like Sophia Coppola, I am not a fan of Lost in Translation. I felt like it dragged on and had no plot. I definitely see a common theme of Coppola between Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette. Both films had very little plot and had a lot of showing rather than telling. Also, both films used lots of fun sounds and colors. Marie Antoinette was also wearing lots of pastel fun colors; in Lost in Translation the night life and streets of Tokyo were exciting and vibrant. I am a fan of Bill Murray, I think that he was a good actor for this role because he was boring at first but then as the movie went on we got to see him open up and become exciting when out and a very good conversationalist. I feel as though Sophia Coppola didn’t have a bias towards women. Neither character was doing anything bad or good. However, Coppola adds in the character of Kelly who is a ditzy, wild actress. Although Kelly is a woman, and not portrayed in the most positive way, I feel as though Coppola is making fun of celeberties rather than women. The movie was not predictable, which some people would say is good. I personally like predicting what will happen, it makes it more fun for me. I started guess a little bit of what I though what happen which was that they were both going to cheat on their spouses. Then I thought maybe Charlotte’s husband would catch them. Even though that was what I had predicted I didn’t want that to happen. I didn’t want them to have more than friendship because he’s so much older than her. At the end, when he kisses her that was fine but I would have rather them have more of a brother-sister or father-daughter relationship. I was shocked when Bob slept with the red head singer. He didn’t even appear to be guilty about it. He was easily able to say “I love you” to his wife and he seems like a respectable guy with Charlotte. Again, I think that Coppola was making fun at celeberties and how they cheat rather than a bias towards a gender.


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