Thursday, January 11, 2007

In the Cut

Wow, what an intense movie! Campion packed “In the Cut” with erotic scenes, jump out of your seat moments, and tons of suspense, not to mention a constant use of the color red and different camera angles. Campion certainly put cinematography to use in this film as well as in her other film “The Piano.” The way she positioned the camera, for example, to follow Meg Ryan down the stairs when looking for the bathroom in the Red Dragon added to the suspense and drew me in as an audience member. This was very similar to what Campion did in “The Piano” when she followed Ada behind the trees. Maybe it was the thrilling storyline, but it seems that as a filmmaker Campion has progressed in her ways of filming from one of her first films “The Piano” to “In the Cut.”

It was also very different to see Meg Ryan in this type of role. Usually in chick flicks like “Sleepless in Seattle” and “When Harry Met Sally” we are used to seeing Meg Ryan as a fun and loving character. This was not the typical role for her, but one she definitely played well. It may seem as if Meg Ryan’s character Charlotte is a career driven woman, but it is clear by her relationship with Detective Malloy she is looking for love in a world where it is hard to find. This is evident in the conversations between Charlotte and her sister.

Back to Campion’s use of mise-en-scene the color red is used all over this movie. It seems that in every shot, every scene there is something red. This is even applied to the name of the bar where the woman with the blue fingernails is killed, Red Dragon. Also, the constant reference to the red lighthouse plays an important role. First it is being taught in Charlotte’s class, and then we find one on Detective Malloy’s partner’s desk, and finally the scene where Charlotte shoots the killer is done in a red lighthouse.

The end was a little odd when Meg Ryan walks back to her apartment from the lighthouse drenched in blood; however, I guess there was some happiness in knowing that she probably does end up with Detective Malloy. This is not a movie I would watch everyday, but I did enjoy the acting and storyline.


Blogger Vladigogo said...

Meg Ryan's character's name is Frannie, not Charlotte. You are thinking of Lost in Translation.

The bar is the Red Turtle.

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