Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lost in Translation ZzzZz

I thought Lost in Translation was a little on the boring side, and I struggled to find Coppolla’s meaning behind the story. The other two movies we watched have really effected and intrigued me, but I was bored watching today’s movie. Bill Murray was pretty funny throughout and I laughed, but I really didn’t find any meaning to the film. I know that it won all kinds of awards, but I was not impressed. Even now when I’m trying to blog about the film, I have very little to say.
Charlotte and Bob are lonely characters, who have lost the meaning in their lives. Bob is washed out has been actor promoting alcohol, and Charlotte is a highly intelligent woman following her husband around while he pursues his photography career. Both characters are in dead end relationships and struggle to communicate with their significant others. A classmate pointed out that every time Bob tries to talk to his wife on the phone she struggles to hear him and they never really connect. Charlotte struggles to communicate with her husband, and often times is unable to convey her feelings, and more often is unable to talk with her husband because he is too busy.
Together the two characters are able to express themselves, share their feelings, and be who they want to be. They enjoy each other’s company and spend most of their time together. The movie follows them through their journeys through Tokyo and not much else. The most intriguing seen was at the end when Bob is ready to return to the states, and must leave Charlotte behind. There is this moment when you wonder whether or not they are going to abandon their lives and start fresh with each other. That ending of course would be too predictable and stereotypical of a romantic film, and being that this is an independent film totally unacceptable. Instead we are left with Bob whispering something in Charlotte’s ear and then leaving. It is unknown what Bob said and whether or not they plan to reunite. It is a very frustrating ending!!


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