Thursday, January 11, 2007

The color red was more than prominent in the movie “In the Cut”, it was in every scene, whether from a coke can in the background, or from the bright red dress of the main character. That particular meaningful color was even obvious by the frequent scenes full of blood. The movie was perhaps one of the darker films that we have watched in the course of this class, and I think the red that accents that feeling, it justifies the darkness. It was certainly far different from the piano, but I guess I could see some similarities.

For example, both the leading ladies, Ada and the main character of “In the Cut”, seem so lonely and out of place. Not to mention that they are dealing with life changing experiences while coping with that suffocating loneliness. However, to go back to the topic of colors, especially in the movie “In the Cut”, I thought that making the color red so outstanding made the movie that much more visually appealing. The color kind of subliminally gave messages to the ending of the movie, about blood, and death. That color was everywhere, on papers, through the red lighting of car lights, and even in the clothing of surrounding characters. Was there a pattern in the way that the color red made it’s way from character to character? I mean because in the beginning, the main character’s sister was wearing it, and in the end the main character herself was wearing that deadly color.

Overall, I could see similarities between the two of her films, through the very specific colorings of the backgrounds, to the personalities of the male and female characters. However, the movie "In the Cut" left me far more disturbed as a viewer than the movie "the Piano" ever could.


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