Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation follows the relationship of two strangers as they develop a deep friendship and this helps them through a difficult time in each of their lives. Bob Harris who is Japan shoot a whiskey commercial is clearly unhappy; this is showed through his emotions and relationship with his wife. Charlotte is in new and different environment with her husband who pays more attention to his work than he does to her. In this new environment Charlotte begins to question why she married her husband and what she is suppose to do with her life. She begins searching for meaning in her life; however she has a hard time finding any answers. From since the first time Bob sees Charlotte he seems interested in her. As they both go through their time in Japan they are searching for something and that is when they find each other.
Coppola does a great job showing the intimate relationship that is shared between Bob and Charlotte which unlike the other movies we have watched does not necessarily consist of a sexual element but more of an emotional one. Before Charlotte and Bob begin spending time with each other they are lonely, restless and trying to make sense of this new environment. The pace of the film is slow at this point and the characters wear dull colored clothing. However, the first night they go out together Bob is wearing a colorful shirt and the pace is a lot faster with flashing colorful and bright lights. The relationship between the two is playful and carefree, unlike with their significant others. With her husband Charlotte seems to uncomfortable and lost and with his wife Bob is tense and experiences anxiety.
In this film water is also used to express a feeling of renewal and release. As evident in the scene where Bob is in the hot tub and he sinks down under the water after having a conversation with his wife. Though Coppola does show that Bob and Charlotte have romantic feelings for each other, the ending does not predict that they will leave their spouses to be with each other. Instead I believe that their relationship is an experience that will enable them to go back to living their lives.


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