Friday, January 12, 2007

In the Cut. - Not Good

Ok, I am sorry, I thought this movie was terrible. Meg Ryan had to have ruined her reputation with this picture. Ruffalo was equally as bad in my opinion. I believe that Jane Campion had to have been influenced by heavy drugs when thinking about the ramifications of this film. There was really nothing good about it except for the chest shots. The vocabulary of Ruffalo was so elementary for a professional actor it was sickening. If this woman wanted to create a porno film than she should have with people getting murdered. I really did not find anything good about this film.

No doubt this film was much different from our other films. It was terrible. You know, the fellatio scene I thought might be a significant part of the movie but it was just unnecessary, and saying that coming from me is amazing because usually I love seeing stuff like that, but this was pointless and unneeded. Also, the fact that the killer cuts the peoples heads off is a little overboard don’t you think?

I think that Kevin Bacon was the best actor in the movie. What happened to the cute Meg Ryan? She looked terrible. Seeing her chest was better than listening to her speak. I really don’t see Campion’s motive for writing a screenplay like this. I mean,, I thought the Piano was strange, but this film was just pointless. Who would waste their time to go see this? I would like to know how many people actually went to see this when it was in the theatre. Honestly, Dr. Boles, I have thought about some positive things to write down in this blog but I really have not found anything I liked about it. The other movies were much more professional. I would like to think that this film was the low point of Jane Campion’s directing career. I really could not see her doing a worse movie.


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