Friday, January 12, 2007

in the cut

“In The Cut” is the first movie I have ever seen or at least that I can recollect that is as violent and gory as it is and is written and directed by a woman. This is the second work of Jane Campion I have seen and I enjoyed “In The Cut” much more than “The Piano.” While “In The Cut” has a female leading role and plays on her emotions and strength, I can not imagine this movie attracting too much of a female audience due to its graphic violence. Campion proves herself a courageous director with the sex scenes in this movie also, for they are graphic to a point that I have not seen in any other film. The movie is about a school teacher, Frannie, (played by Meg Ryan) her relationship with a detective, Malloy, (played by Mark Ruffalo) and a serial killer who targets several women in Frannie’s residential area. At the beginning of the film, Frannie seems to be a conservative young teacher who hasn’t been with a man in some time, while Malloy, the detective knows exactly how to please a woman and is not conservative in his actions or language ever. Malloy seduces Frannie and shows her something she was missing in her life, a man. Frannie feels for Malloy, but is cautious because the killer has some similar attributes to Malloy and although she has intercourse with him she doesn’t trust him at all. Throughout the film we see Frannie transformation from a quiet stoic school teacher, to a passionate person who feels and is more of a sexual being. Unlike “The Piano”, “In The Cut” is not so much driven by its characters, because it has more of an exciting story involving a serial killer on the loose. This means that her characters aren’t as deep as they were in the Piano, where there actions create the plot.


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