Friday, January 12, 2007

In the Cut

In The Cut was not all I thought it would be. It was more tame than I thought it was hyped up to be. Yes, there were very explicit sex scenes. Yes, there was an amputated head. I did not see the need for Kevin Bacon's character in the film though. He did not seem to add much to the film except to establish the fact that Franny had a pension for picking up strange guys and tried to discard them when she was through having sex with them. I guess the reason he is present is to show the connection she had with Detective Malloy and how her habits changed, but I think that is it.
From Dr. Boles' warning or disclaimer of the movie, I thought that you would see grotesque body parts dripping with blood or intenstines oozing blood, something reminiscent of Seven but it was not there. I guess that is the difference between a male and female director. In the Cut focused more on telling the story through colors like red and green fabrics, dulling the lights or distorting the images. It creates more of an uncertainty and suspense without being to out of the ordinary. In the Cut also told the story through poetry and references back to the main character's family.
The slow motion sequences of her parents are shown like old time romantic films but slowly transform into a horror sequence or nightmare to show how her father cut her mom to pieces so to speak when he left her. This also draws on the fact that Franny thinks she is closely involved with the killer.


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