Friday, January 12, 2007

Retooling Hollywood

In the Cut

I found a few things quite interesting while watching “In the Cut.” First of all, I simply could not get over my feeling that Meg Ryan did NOT belong in that part of town, and she was not meant to be conversing with the people she knew. She seemed to come from a different class, she went to boarding school, valued education, dressed more conservatively, and while she appeared to be aware of the situations around her, she did not give in to that lifestyle. She was very different from her half sister. I found it hard to believe that they grew up as sisters because they seemed to come from different backgrounds. I wish that could have been explained a little better, because I found it a little distracting.
I also found it fascinating how much time was devoted to making the good detective appear to be the killer. The tattoo, the conversation about engagement, the sister’s comment on wanting the detective all seemed to imply that he was the killer. I suppose most of the story consisted of that tension between the audience (and at times Meg Ryan) believe he was the killer.
Everything was so crude in the film! Even her fantasy of Giovanni earlier in the film was a little crude. It was a little uncomfortable because there we were, watching Meg Ryan in a very intimate, personal situation, and the movie, as a whole seemed to break all personal, intimate boundaries. Even the scene with the blue finger nailed woman performing oral sex on the killer detective is shot very close, and feels uncomfortably personal.
The reds in the movie accentuated the bloodiness and the passion. Red appeared to be the only vibrant color in the film, surrounded by brown and grey.
I enjoyed the film, and I thought the cinematography and script carried us well along that twisted, crude, and violent world.


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