Friday, January 12, 2007

In the Cut

The film In the Cut was filled with so much suspense, being that it was not until the last moment that all the pieces to the puzzle were revealed. Throughout the film, Campion places many possible choices in the film as suspects, but at the last moment reveals the criminal who in my opinion was one of the least expected choices. However, all throughout the film subtle hints are dropped such as detective Malloy stating that his partner who is revealed as the murderer does not believe that all the murders are connected. In this film many of the scenes are graphic and intense unlike the other movies we have watched. Also many aspects of the movie do not connect well with each other. In the beginning the storyline develops very slowly which hints that director is a female. However, although this movie has a female director, writer and producer is not the typical romantic chick flick. In fact I do not believe that this film can even be labeled as a chick flick. Though the movie does show a relationship between Frannie and Detective Malloy the romance is not on a level that most women want. Instead the relationship between the two is disturbing with no solid emotional connection. Unlike the other films we have watched where the female character experiences a renewal or a better understanding of who she is that is not the case with Frannie.
In the beginning of the film Frannie seems to be burnt out, lost and in search of something. Campion places red in the same scene with Frannie a lot. For instance, the large red heart which reads mom, I think that the use of red is to depict the violence and murder that occurs in the film. Unlike the other films in which some sort of new understanding about life takes place, this does not happen in this film. The only thing I can see Frannie gaining from the outcome is being able to develop some level of trust with Detective Malloy. However, as for their relationship though I believe it is showed that they have moved on from simply a sexual attraction there is no clear understanding of where they can go from there on out.


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