Friday, January 12, 2007

Cut It Out...

The Cut was by far the most vulgar and disturbing film I have ever seen. I have seen some twisted horror films with blood and bodies and I have seen films with intense sex scenes, but the combination of both intense gore and sex was just too much to handle. There was no chance to relax. People were either performing intense sex acts or disgusting human remains were being found. I still can’t get a grasp on how much nastiness I saw in within a two hour span, and I’m haven even harder time synthesizing everything that happened.
As the movie began I had a hard time figuring out the setting, time, characters, purpose, etc. It took me almost fifteen minutes to get my bearings and sort out who is who, where they are, what they are doing, etc. Meg Ryan’s character was very ambiguous and I wasn’t sure what her profession was and where she was going. I was really irritated by the fact that so much information wasn’t presented and it took so long to answer my questions. It made following the films progression somewhat difficult, and I would assume that it would be helpful to watch the film a second time.
The relationship between Meg and her student was also ambiguous and I found it difficult to understand where it fit into the rest of the film. I felt like there were too many characters with side plots going on so it was hard to find the common thread among them. There was just too much going on; all the viewer needed to see was the progression of Meg and Mark’s relationship, as well as the progression of the serial killers killings.
In terms of the directing I noticed a lot of interesting color choices. There were a lot of dreary blues and grays with splashes of bright erotic red. There were never even scenes with bright colors or bright light from the sun. The scenes were always dreary, dark, and depressing. Obviously Campion was making a statement with those color choices. I also noticed there unique camera angles that put the viewer in the car, the apartment, the bar, etc.
All in all I found the film to be interesting, but I don’t feel comfortable saying that I enjoyed the film because I don’t know how you can enjoy watching intimate, graphic, and sometimes vulgar sex scenes paired with gory, blood, and always-vulgar murder scenes. And the all around tone of the film was far from cheery and enjoyable.


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