Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I really liked Lost in Translation the best out of all the movies that we have seen this week. This movie made the most sense to me. Bob and Charlotte were like two lost souls in Tokyo. Actually I take that back because Bob wasn’t necessarily a lost soul he was just at a really strange point in his life. He was distanced from his family and judging from the conversations with his wife Bob was not a strong figure in his own home. His little girl ran from the phone instead of talking to him and he couldn’t get his child to eat anything. Usually with little kids when one parent is gone the kid is so excited to talk to them and will probably do what they want over the phone because they miss them and want to make them happy. The relationship between Bob and Charlotte wasn’t really romantic or sexual in anyway. It seemed as if they just enjoyed one another’s company. To be in a foreign country alone really took a toll on both Bob and Charlotte. Bob spent all his time taking direction from other people in terms of how to act, pose, where to be, even who to sleep with. Swimming in the pool provided an attempt at solitude. But when Bob was swimming in the pool he was still plagued by the loud music and images of older women jumping around. When Charlotte swam she was truly alone and it made me think that that experience is probably what Bob needed and Bob’s swimming experience is what Charlotte needed. Charlotte seemed to be searching for beauty, meaning, truth, validation, something. She was always observing someone else experience life on their own terms and she would either make judgments or try to take from their experience and make it her own. The relationship between them was very father-daughter. When they were lying on the bed talking about marriage and life and if things ever get easier Charlotte was in the fetal position while Bob just relaxed and open. Bob had a moment like in Laurel Canyon when his wife was calling him and the ringer was all hectic and he just sank down into the tub. I liked the premise of the movie and how each character was at a crossroads in their life. The plight of each character seemed very realistic to me. Oh I do have a question though. WHAT DID BOB WHISPER IN HER EAR?!?!


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