Thursday, January 11, 2007

In the Cut

I was really not expecting the film to be the way it was because Meg Ryan was in it. This film can be similar to the other films we watched but one could also argue that it was very different from the other films we watched.

It's similar in that the main character (like the other movies we watched) was a woman facing conflict and confusion in her life. Like The Piano, Meg Ryan is still 'finding herself' the way Ada was, and is forced to choose between 2 or more men. Meg Ryan seems to face the problem of potential sex partners, just as Ada did. Also, Meg Ryan can relate to experimenting with new people the way that Alex in Laurel Canyon had. Though she wasn't over-the-edge like Alex seemed to be, they still show some similarities. Meg Ryan also seems to be a bit lost and confused with her world, just as Scarlett in Lost in Translation was going through in her marriage/Tokyo. The usage of male characters, particularly aggressive ones when it comes to women, was very similar in all of the movies we watched- the husband in The Piano and Ian in Laurel Canyon.

This movie is different than the other films in that it is much more graphic and violent than all the others (though The Piano has one graphic scene of the finger getting chopped off.) In Laurel Canyon there was nothing nearly as violent as what we saw in In the Cut. Also, there tends to be a lot more foreshadowing in this movie (not to say there is none in any of the others,) but we tend to see a lot more of it in this film. This film also leads us in many different directions, unlike the other films where we could see DIRECT foreshadowing.


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