Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lost in Translation

“Lost in Translation” to me seemed full of meaning in the scenery and dialogue. Indeed, as we mentioned in class, there was once again a pool scene. However, the pool was not the only source of water in the film. Bill Murray was also to be found in a tub in one scene, and the natural of climate of Japan is rainy on its own. I also noticed the stark grays and blah colors of the sky and buildings in comparison to the bright Las Vegas colors of the Tokyo life. There were so many flashy colors and moving advertisements that one could easily get lost in its showiness. Yet those colors did not disguise or better the life situations of the two main characters; Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray.

Their lives seemed so sad and lonely, though they were in one of the biggest cities in the world. They were all alone, and I think the gray was used to symbolize their solitary state. However, once they meet each other, the colors seem to get brighter as their lives improve in each others company.

I guess I didn’t really understand the ending, was it happy? Was it sad? What did Murray say to Johansson in the end of the movie? Whatever was whispered in the last scene must have made both of their moods better because they seemed to part in contentment. Yet being a member of the audience, I guess I would have liked to know what was said, if only for my own contentment. Nonetheless, after their parting, the camera pans out to show once again the drab and gray color scheme of the industrial buildings. Ironically, the music played during this final scene is bright and fast, quite the opposite of the sad and dreary offices.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie, though I may not have understood its point.


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